Did you know that health premiums have risen by 73% since 2004 for employers with at least 200 employees? Healthcare costs are consistently listed as one of the greatest concerns facing business owners and employees today. Fortunately, Direct Primary Care provides employers, both large and small, and employees unprecedented control over their health benefits. Dr. Howerton believes that healthcare must provide more value to the patient, the employer, and the system. Healthcare can, and must, be higher-performing, more patient-centered, less invasive, and less expensive than it is today.

Companies Can Experience a Significant Savings with Direct Primary Care

Direct Primary Care is a simple benefit to add to a self-funded or existing health plan. DPC has successfully controlled costs both through prevention of chronic illnesses and unrestricted access to healthcare and by the reduction of administrative expenses, since there are no insurance claims filed for routine healthcare needs. Also Direct Primary Care reduces expensive downstream costs in four key ways.

  1. Reduction of unnecessary utilization of hospitals and emergency rooms
  2. Objective referrals to specialists and hospitals that deliver the best value.
  3. Lower absenteeism
  4. Improved employee morale due to less expensive healthcare


We accept MedLion. For more information, employers and their employees will need to call 855.MY.MEDLION (1-855-696-3354) or visit the MedLion website www.medlion.com



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