Healthcare is about the patient and his or her individual needs. Our practice is founded on that belief and every aspect of the visit reflects our commitment. Our new Direct Primary Care model allows individuals and families to manage the skyrocketing costs of health insurance and budget the costs of routine medical needs. Direct Primary Care is affordable healthcare. The membership costs less than a daily McDonald’s coffee or your monthly cell phone bill. Because this model is not health insurance, individuals will need a reasonably priced high deductible or catastrophic insurance plan that covers for those unanticipated healthcare needs. However, anyone can join regardless of the type of insurance that they have – traditional, high-deductible, or none.

With Direct Primary Care, we are able to provide quality healthcare with no co-pays, no co-insurance, and no deductibles. Our patients also save 85-95% on medications and speciality labs (common labs are included in membership). Through our patient portal, you will have secure email communications with Dr. Howerton. We’re also able to provide virtual e-visits from your home or office, so you won’t have to take off work or drive a long way.

Same Day Appointments

Same day appointments are available for acute care (sick) visits, management of chronic medical problems, and even for well-child visits or annual physicals. We are available when you need us. We offer e-visits some common problems and we have online appointment scheduling too for your convenience.

More time with the doctor and less time waiting

All appointments are scheduled for 30 minutes. You will be greeted at the door and taken to your exam room where you will spend very little time waiting. Thirty minute appointments allow Dr. Howerton to focus on your current concerns and to also address health promotion. She believes that healthcare should first assist you in healthy-living and then if needed should help you with disease management.

Full-Spectrum Care

Dr. Howerton provides personalized care for patients of all ages-men, women,children and infants. As the foundation of your care, she performs a complete age-appropriate history and exam and assists you with developing health goals.  She also performs minor surgery, laceration repair, colposcopy, and LEEP in the office.  Common labs, such as flu, strep, mono, urinalysis and pregnancy tests, are done during your visit.  Most other lab results are available with 24-48 hours.