We schedule fewer patients per day. This allows us to have enough time with each patient to listen to multiple concerns and also promote healthy lifestyles. We not only provide care in the exam room, but we also provide care through non-traditional methods such as e-visits and secure email. With Direct Primary Care, we are able to provide a much more flexible and patient-focused experience.

Direct Primary Care is a model of healthcare that makes common sense. The patient-doctor relationship should be a personal decision that is not dictated by an insurance network. As a patient, you should be able to control how and where you spend your healthcare dollars.

How does Direct Primary Care (DPC) work?
What is included in my monthly fee?
If I have a Direct Primary physician, do I still need health insurance?
If I am a DPC patient, how to do I see a specialist?
If I have a traditional insurance plan, can I still be a member of a Direct Primary Care office?