We schedule fewer patients per day. This allows us to have enough time with each patient to listen to multiple concerns and also promote healthy lifestyles. We not only provide care in the exam room, but we also provide care through non-traditional methods such as e-visits and secure email. With Direct Primary Care, we are able to provide a much more flexible and patient-focused experience.

Direct Primary Care is a model of healthcare that makes common sense. The patient-doctor relationship should be a personal decision that is not dictated by an insurance network. As a patient, you should be able to control how and where you spend your healthcare dollars.

How does Direct Primary Care (DPC) work?

Direct Primary Care offices offer healthcare services for a flat monthly fee that allows patients to budget for routine health concerns and chronic medical problems. DPC offices provide care at a much lower cost because they do not have the administrative costs associated with billing insurance companies.

What is included in my monthly fee?

              Registration Fee-$50 for all new members | Registration Fee Waived If Paid in Full

  Monthly/Yearly cost Visits/year Labs Included services
Single <30yo $120 1-virtual1-office **Discounted
Adult $55mo / $660yr 6-virtual or office 3x-HgA1C, cholesterol, CMP, TSH and in-house labs* Work wellness physicals, FMLA paperwork and other needed paperwork
Family Share Plan (2 adults and 2 children) $110mo (2) $1320yr | $5 each after the first 2 12-virtual or office 3x-HgA1C, cholesterol, CMP, TSH and in-house labs* Sports physicals, Work wellness physicals, FMLA and other needed paperwork
Single Adult with child $55mo+$5 each child  $60mo/$720yr 6 virtual or office 3x-HgA1C, cholesterol, CMP, TSH and in-house labs* Same as Family Share  and Child
Child only $29mo for 1st child $348yr and $5 each additional child 6-virtual or office In-house labs Sports physicals, well-child (vaccines at cost)

*In-house labs-urinalysis, strep, mono, flu, and urine pregnancy **Labs provided at substantial discount (often 95% less than typical costs) **Injections  provided at cost of medication.

Included with All Memberships:

  1. Same-day or next-day appointments
  2. 85-95% savings on common medications. For example: Metformin 500mg – 100 pills for $5
  3. Specialty labs at 90-95% savings
  4. Individualized healthy eating plans
  5. 30-60 minute appointments

Note: All benefits are for a twelve month period dating from the commencement date of the Patient Agreement.

If I have a Direct Primary physician, do I still need health insurance?

Yes, high deductible plans are needed for those unpredictable and very expensive health events, such as hospitalization or surgery.

If I am a DPC patient, how to do I see a specialist?

Often DPC practices work with other physician offices to provide a cash discount for their patients or a patient can use the high-deductible plan coverage. However, data from some of the original DPC practices, such as Patient Centered Physician’s Care, show a reduced need for referrals. The longer visits allow for the doctor to completely understand the problem and work with the patient to develop a treatment plan.

If I have a traditional insurance plan, can I still be a member of a Direct Primary Care office?

Yes, often the doctor’s office will provide a statement that you can file with your insurance company.